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How does it work?

  1. You contact us and we discuss details. The standard rate for a same-day rental is $400. This gets you 4 hours with the board, delivered and picked up. Additional hours are available and can be quoted. If you need attendants to work the board, teach the game, and host the people playing, it is $100 per person per four hour increment. We will send you a personalized contract.
  2. You pay a reservation deposit of one-half of the total rental. If you cancel with more than 10 days remaining, you can get a refund of your deposit. On the day of the event, you pay the remainder.
  3. We arrive, set up the dart board for your event. If you asked for attendees, they run the board, fetch balls, and interact with your guests.
  4. When your event is over, we deflate, pack, and take the board. Easy as that!

Your next step is to contact us to discuss scheduling!