Party Darts ATL - Rent the amazing giant inflatable dart board!

Rent For Your Event

Our 13ft inflatable velcro dartboard is a huge eye-catcher, then once people see how it works, they absolutely must play! Spice up your event, birthday party, tailgate, pre-game, or festival. We offer soccer, football, baseball and softball set ups to match your guests’ favorite sport!

See it in action!

We were honored to attend ATLSoccerCon in 2017 and loved having their guests play! Check out this video from the event, showing folks having fun with the board.

Buy Your Own Dart Board

As the exclusive Southeastern dealer of our manufacturer, we can get you a customized dart board in your size and your colors! Don’t spend your time trying to find a reputable source, let us handle the mess. Contact us to learn more about how to buy a giant inflatable to use any time you wish.